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Carole K. Boyd

"Together in Paris" Print

"Together in Paris" Original Giclée on Canvas by Carole K. Boyd Digital Fine Art. 8x10 in print size. SOLD

.A collector who has purchased and/or
commissioned seven of my paintings, who I had only communicated with
through emails and never met, lives in Colorado. I told her that I was
having a show in NYC- she said her daughter lives right across the river
and probably could go to the opening. In fact, she did! As we were
talking she asked me if I had ever met her mother in person. When I
said no, she showed me a photo of mother and father on her phone. I
asked her if I could use the photo as reference for a painting- it was
of the two of them in Paris where she said they go every year to get
together with old friends from his high school. I started sketching the
scene but got carried away doing the figures instead of starting with
the background. Once the figures were done, I decided not to do the
background, but just leave the sketch so that the people really would
stand out. I gave them this painting as a Christmas present- they were
thrilled. What do you think of this style?

Only prints available: Limited edition of 10. Price for 8x10 $35 includes shipping. 

For fine art prints, purchases or inquiries should be made directly with the artist by emailing

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