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Carole K. Boyd

"Green Jay" Print

"Green Jay" Original Giclée on Canvas by Carole K. Boyd Digital Fine Art. 12 x 16 in print size. SOLD

A brilliantly colored tropical bird who only is seen in South Texas and south to Central America.  The colors can vary, but essentially are green, blue and yellow.  The ones where I live have a beautiful turquoise and green tail.  They travel in families, and are ground feeders as well as eating from hanging feeders.  They are fairly loud and a delight to watch.

Only prints available: Limited edition of 10. Price for 12x16: $55 includes shipping. 12x15: $75 includes shipping; 16x20 $95 includes shipping.

For fine art prints, purchases or inquiries should be made directly with the artist by emailing

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