About Giclees


When I have finished a digital painting on my computer, it is sent off to River’s Edge Gallery to be printed.  As I am painting, I decide on the “look” my painting should have.

This “look” will determine whether the painting is crafted on archival quality canvas or lithograph paper.

Giclee ( French – to spray) uses highly advanced color printing with professional –grade nozzles that produce a very fine spray of minuscule ink droplets at a resolution of 2200 dpi.  The paper used is individually color profiled to create the best quality spray pattern for that specific paper.  This produces a work of brilliant color saturation and definition. A skilled giclee printmaker studies and works for year to achieve the high skill level necessary to produce such investment quality giclees.

My canvases are either a single work of art, signed by me, or a very few are printed and numbered in an edition of five which are signed and numbered.  Those that are printed on lithograph or watercolor paper are limited and marked in a maximum addition of twenty-five.

Digital paintings, printed as a giclees, are a fast emerging form of investment fine art.  In addition to appearing in fine art galleries such as those of New York’s SOHO,  giclees can be found hung in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum, both in New York City.